Black People Here Die Of Cancer At Alarming Rates, No One Seems To Care

There is a place in America where Black people dying of cancer is alarmingly normal. It’s called “Cancer Alley” but of late the locals are calling it “Death Alley” because of the severity of the matter — even the water is poisonous by now. St. James Parish, Louisiana, according to census figures, has a little […]

Trump Bans Cuba Travel, Black People Should Care

This week President Trump banned travel to Cuba. This ban is just the latest hostility in a history that goes back a very long time. Most of us have been taught that Cuba is anti-democratic and the source of all things evil. For Black people, however, Cuba is where a great number of our brothers […]

This DC Councilman Is Hoping To Restore Voting Rights To Incarcerated Citizens

Robert White is an At-Large Councilman serving the District of Columbia and some think he’s insane. White and several of his colleagues are pushing to make DC the first jurisdiction to restore voting rights to prisoners while they’re still incarcerated. White’s legislation would repeal a 1955 law that disenfranchises D.C. residents upon felony convictions. Further, […]

California Natural Hair Law Not A Victory But A Warning

Next month California could make history as the first state to protect the rights of people with braided, twisted or locked hair. State Senator Holly Mitchell of Los Angeles has introduced Senate Bill 188, the CROWN Act. CROWN stands for “Creating a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair.” But the fact that in 2019 a […]

Chicago Inaugurated Its First Black Woman Mayor Today; Do We Need More?

Lori Lightfoot takes the reins of the City of Chicago today as she is inaugurated Mayor. Lightfoot stands out as the first Black woman and openly gay mayor of America’s third largest (and arguably greatest) city. The idea of a Black mayor running a major American city is exciting but ultimately, does it matter? The […]