War With Iran Means Black Boys & Girls Die, Here’s The Solution

Qasem Soleimani was assassinated Friday and with that action by US forces, the mood is war. Soleimani was was an Iranian major general in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a prominent figure in his country. His death, according to many analysts, will invoke a response from Iran. If the natural course is war, however, Black […]

We Buy Black, Not Democrat Or Republican

Is the councilperson who represents the Chinatown district in your city Chinese? What political party does that person belong to? Do the business owners care, either way? The reality is the councilperson could be green or purple, Democrat or Republican, so long as Chinese interests are advanced; Black people can learn something from them. We […]

This City Is Helping Black Businesses Move Downtown With Grant Funding

Photo: Reddit User u/laser979 Mosby Popcorn is a Black owned gourmet popcorn shop owned by husband-and-wife team Brian and Shayvea Mosby. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the store offers more than 125 flavors of popcorn, with more than 50 rotating flavors on display at any given time. The Mosbys also sell ice cream and various […]

NYC Is Majority-Minority But White Men Get 95% Of City Contracts

Photo: Getty Images NYC has over 8 million residents and close to 60 percent of them are non-white. Even so, 94.5 percent of the city’s contracts go to businesses owned by white men. Black people in New York wake up everyday, go to work and pay their taxes, only to have the city hand over […]

South Africa Is Pushing Carmakers To Do Business With Black Owned Suppliers

Apartheid in South Africa ensured that the nation’s white minority ruled politically, socially and economically. Formally, apartheid ended in the 1990s but the economic and social impacts most certainly linger. Black unemployment is roughly four times that of whites, with well over half of the nation’s Black population living in poverty. Blacks happen to be […]

The Supreme Court Determines The Fate Of Black Businesses Tomorrow

Tomorrow determines everything for Black businesses. On Wednesday the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the Byron Allen case, in which he is suing Comcast, the second largest cable company in the world, for $20 billion for racial discrimination. At the heart of the dispute is Section 1981 of the Civil Rights Act of […]

Talladega, Alabama Elects First Black Mayor

Photo: Tucker Webb/The Daily Home Between 1877 and 1950, the Equal Justice Initiative reports that five Black people were lynched in Talladega County. The mood in the small Alabama town today feels a little different, after Tallagedga elected its first Black mayor. At the age of 29, Talladega native Tim Ragland became the city’s youngest […]

Congress Is Playing Games With Over $250 Million Of HBCU Money

PHOTOGRAPH BY RADCLIFFE “RUDDY” ROYE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC On October 1st more than $250 million in annual funding mandated by federal educations laws for HBCUs and other minority-serving institutions expired. The reason? The Senate did not approve it, after the measure was approved in the House of Representatives. HBCUs across the country are operating in a […]

The Political Champion Of Reparations Has Died

For the first time in history Democratic candidates for President are expected to take a serious position on reparations for slavery. Before it was fashionalbe, however, Congressman John Conyers forced the issue. First elected to the House of Representatives in 1964, starting in 1989 Detroit Congressman John Conyers introduced a bill at the start of […]

Could Montgomery’s First Black Mayor Create A New Black Wall Street?

(Mickey Welsh/Montgomery Advertiser via AP) Steven Reed was elected in a runoff, garnering 67 percent of the vote — a landslide. In the city’s 200 year history, Reed is the first Black person to be elected mayor and so naturally, there is a question of how his victory will directly impact Black owned businesses. According […]