Nurse Launches Next Billion Dollar Tech Startup, “Nursesbnb” Here’s How To Get In

Airbnb does tens of billions of dollars in bookings annually. Most of that money is turned over to hosts, who take in strangers into their homes for cash. It can be lucrative but there are caveats. You can’t make much as a host unless you live close to a desirable vacation destination. Also, you’re taking in complete […]

Black Owned Studio Moves Black Storytelling Into Extended/Virtual Reality

Technology enables us to move beyond our reality to tell stories. Today the entertainment industry is forging into augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR). Black people and their stories, however, are scarce in these environments. In the same way that the film and gaming industries are dominated by whites, extended reality […]

Professional Haircare Tips Just For You? There’s An App For That

Myavana is a hair care recommendation system for women who look like you. The app provides product recommendations, analysis just for your hair and styling techniques catered to specific hair types and textures. Myavana uses a combination of artificial intelligence and haircare experts to instantly provide customized “Hair Recipes.” The co-founders are four Black women: Candace […]

Looking For Tech Jobs? This Organization Helps Black Tech Professionals

Take notes, job seekers! If you have been wondering why the job offers are not pouring in, @black_tech_jobs founder, Will McNeil says: “…If you don’t have those connections, you’re not part of that network, it’s hard to find a gig, even if you have the best resume.” Founded in 2018, Black Tech Jobs is bringing together mid-level […]

A Black Tech Ecosystem Is Being Created In Chicago — Which City Will Be Next?

The 2019 Chicago State of the Black Tech Ecosystem convened this past Thursday evening at Google. The forum was hosted by Black Tech Mecca and moderated by its founder, Fabian Elliott. For three consecutive years, Elliott has sought to compile data explaining the gains and disparities that exist for Black entrepreneurs in Chicago and how […]