11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Overcomes Autism, Store Can’t Keep His Lemonade In Stock

Customers of The Market on 25th all came looking for one product but “it was already gone,” according to an employee there. The product is Breezzy’s Lemonade and the CEO is 11-year-old, Aubrie Green. Aubrie had one simple idea and he chose to pursue it. When the rest of the world told him that an […]

This 15-Year-Old Started With A Cart, Now Owns An Ice Cream Parlor

Most 8-year-olds look forward to a birthday party with cake and ice cream. Victor “Beau” Tracy Shell, however, had bigger things on his mind approaching his eighth birthday. He shocked his parents by asking for an ice cream cart so that he could buy his own toys, help his family and also have access to […]

Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Dawes Opening Her Own Gymnastics Academy

The sport of gymnastics has been rocked by scandal for several years. Two decades of rampant sexual abuse culminated On November 5, 2018; that’s when the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) announced that it would decertify USA Gymnastics as the national governing body for the sport, at the Olympic level. USA Gymnastics filed for bankruptcy one month […]

12-Year-Old Owns Thriving Vending Machine Business

Each time a kid asks for money, parents have an opportunity to teach something larger about ownership. Mikey’s Munchies is a vending machine business spearheaded by 12-year-old Michael (Mikey) Wren and the company was born out of such an experience. At the age of 7 Michael wanted money for a snack out of a vending […]

NBA Superstar & 5 Barbers Give Back To Elementary School

NBA superstar Tobias Harris recently signed a $180 million contract with the Philadelphia 76ers. Rather than sitting back and counting his coins, this star is focused on giving back. Harris is passionate about educational equity and justice; part of that is seeing an increase in the number of Black educators increase. He’s putting his money […]

Should Black People Open Our Own Schools?

It has been said by many Black intellectuals that we ought not let our oppressors educate our children. Educating our own children is practical but also it’s big business. Indeed, since 1995 the Charter Schools Program has handed out over $4 billion to support charter schools. That’s a lot of money. Alarmingly, about $1 billion […]