CoCo Gauff Is The Future of Women’s Tennis

Cori “CoCo” Gauff took the sports world by storm during her improbable run through Wimbledon last week. The 15 year old tennis star is the youngest player in history to ever qualify for the tournament. Despite being relatively unknown heading in, she quickly became a fan favorite.  

Introduction To The World

The Delray Beach, Florida native made her presence felt early with an upset win over her longtime hero Venus Williams in the first round. Some saw the victory as almost a “passing of the torch.”

She went on to dominate her second round match up, before pulling off a historic comeback win in the third round. After that victory celebrities from all over took to social media to congratulate her. Jaden Smith was one of the first to send his support. Even former first lady Michelle Obama expressed her admiration via Twitter.

Her matches became must-see events. Gauff’s third round match had to be moved to another court just to accommodate all the extra spectators who showed up to watch her play. She narrowly lost in the fourth round to former No. 1 ranked Simona Halep. Although she was visibly upset, it’s only the beginning for the young prodigy. After her last match, the Wimbledon crowd gave her a standing ovation and showered her with “we love you Coco!” chants.

Ranked 313 in the world before the tournament started, she’ll likely end up cracking the top 150. She’ll be in high demand to play in all the biggest major tournaments in world. Still, World Tennis Association rules limit how many tournaments she’s allowed to play in due to her age. One thing for sure is she certainly has a long career ahead of her. Coco Gauff is here to stay.

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