#Day 25: Meet UZI ZURI CREATIONS, Handcrafted Women's Accessories

#WeBuyBlack28–Day 25

Uzi Zuri Creations

In a day and age when authenticity is sometimes difficult to find and African fashion is trending more than ever, Uzi Zuri Creations has emerged as a Black-owned innovator in women’s accessories. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Uzi Zuri Creations specializes in creating amazing handmade products including Masai bead purses, necklaces, earrings and more. Their artisans hand craft unique & quality accessories that embody artistic expression, creativity and African style. All of Uzi Zuri Creations’ accessories are shipped straight from Kenya and are available for retail and wholesale. Here are a few of Uzi Zuri’s incredible creations featured on the company’s We Buy Black marketplace page.

Raha Bracelet Set (4 Bracelet Set)

Pendo Neckpiece

Zuri Max Clutch Purse with Maasi Bead Detail

Maxi Clutch Purse

 For unique Maasai bead accessories, handmade in Kenya �

�Black Owned! �Wholesale available for all our products. � Worldwide express shipping. �Email [email protected] for order inquiries.

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