Decorating in Black: Home Décor on WeBuyBlack

Accent Pillows Ankara Pillow | WeBuyBlack.comBrighten up your space with beautiful accent pillows hand-crafted from vibrant African fabrics.            

Scented Candles

Caribbean Teakwood Candle | Set the mood with this Caribbean Teakwood candle from WeBuyBlack seller Body Energy Balance.            

Photo Frames

Mason Jar Frame | WeBuyBlack.comKick up the kitsch and memorialize your loved ones with these adorable Mason Jar Photo Vases.              

Luxurious Bedding

Atlantis Twin Quilt | WeBuyBlack.comFloat away to sleep under this sea-themed twin quilt.                 See more beautiful items for your home on]]>

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  1. Joannie Hill
    Joannie Hill
    April 4, 2017 at 10:53 pm

    My name is Joannie Hill and I’ve been anticipating a site such as this one for a while. I first would like to thank you for creating the site for the black business community. I’ve been searching for a site that would be more like an “Angie’s List” but instead of Angie it would be more like Kameka’s list… But seriously I believe there is a market out there for black businesses to connect, the problem is finding the businesses. For example I’ve been looking for a black owned nail salon, a black owned seafood market, a beauty supply, a black owned shoe repair and the list goes on. The main thing these businesses have in common they’re Asian owned. The black community spend millions of dollars within these areas of business. I’ve had several conversation with family and friends regarding this matter. Your site will move us in the direction of black dollars being spent with black business owners. I wanted to know if the site has a feature for black business owners to promote their business somewhat like an Angie’s List? As a consumer I want to make sure I’m spending within my own community. I’m an advocate for spreading the word, I’ve already posted this site on my FB and IG. I’m extremely passionate and excited regarding this movement. I’m currently residing in Atlanta, however; I’m from California and plan to spread the information regarding this site to the black business owners that I know throughout the country. Thank you again!

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