Do You Really Want To Be Part Of The Movement? Here’s How

Are you a part of “The Movement?” What does that even mean? When Dr. King was marching it was, at least in hindsight, clear what the movement was in that moment. Today we need clarity as to what the movement is, where it is and how we are to participate in it. We can ride in the front of the bus now but we still have a massive gap in unemployment and ownership. The movement today is about that and the energy will be at the We Buy Black Convention.

Where else can you surround yourself with thousands of individuals who are actively participating in the movement? Where else can you get tools, resources and connections to help you continue fighting in the movement? The We Buy Black Convention is not the place to be seen but rather, the place where change-makers and revolutionaries convene to push the movement further. We see a day when Black unemployment doesn’t exist. We see a day when Black families own businesses, as a rule — not the exception. We see a day when everything we need in our community is provided by our community. The We Buy Black Convention is a place where we are putting action to all those aspirations.

The We Buy Black Convention is where the heart and soul of the movement is today and you absolutely need to make sure you are there. There is still time to secure your tickets for admission. In addition to Black owned businesses across the country, there will be live entertainment, business workshops and resources and activities for children. You also need to make sure you attend “The Next 400 Gala,” where we will honor the likes of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, Mo’Nique and a host of others. Click here now to secure your spot!

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  1. Ken Davis
    Ken Davis
    August 13, 2019 at 3:41 am

    If you take a species from their natural habitat they become crabs in a barrel.
    Crabs move side by side laterally, not vertically ( the opposite of Ados society). For so long we have been socially conditioned to believe that” crabs in a barrel”was a negative condemnation ( when in reality, it’s the very essence of whom we are as a people. “Crabs in a barrel” is the epitome of changing a negative into a positive (B-1)….)

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