Entrepreneurs Aren’t Equal To Super Entrepreneurs — Meet Jonetta Patton

Patrick Ewing was an amazing athlete — an NBA legend, in fact. Bo Jackson, however, was a super athlete who excelled at the highest levels of multiple sports. There is a difference. Jonetta Patton, in the same way, is a super entrepreneur. Patton has, on her own, successfully navigated the very tough music industry and is now showing that same genius in the ever tricky culinary world. Entrepreneurs run well in their lane. Super entrepreneurs can run the entire track — there is a difference.

Patton was a young mother who had to learn the music industry quickly and build a business. Based on how she managed her son’s career, it’s evident that her business acumen and natural ability was far greater than other more “experienced” professionals in the industry. They teach business at many of the finest colleges in America but no one can teach young, gifted and Black — there is a difference. Patton, just based on her accomplishments in the music industry alone, had already done enough to be acknowledged as a great entrepreneur but today she has turned her sights towards a new challenge and predictably, she is showing her strength.

In 2016 Patton opened J’s Kitchen Culinary Incubator, LLC. It is a shared kitchen that is helping to launch many other entrepreneurs. The vision and concept for J’s Kitchen Culinary Incubator came from Patton, herself. Having already achieved her own success, Patton is now applying her business acumen to launch other emerging entrepreneurs in the food industry. In just a few years, hundreds of businesses have come through J’s Kitchen Culinary Incubator and surely, hundreds are to follow. Yes, there are many successful entrepreneurs but there are also super entrepreneurs. Jonetta Patton is definitely among the latter and she’ll be featured as one of the judges for our first Pitch Black Competition at the We Buy Black Convention. Meet us there!

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  1. Miss Bea
    Miss Bea
    August 16, 2019 at 12:13 am

    I would like to know about pure plant based products, foods, Black Farmer’s etc.

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