9 Black Owned Health And Wellness Brands

Maybe you are a bit late on getting that “Summer Body” together but good health and wellness is a year-round pursuit. There are many Black owned companies that can help you get a jump on forming new habits. From nutritional supplements to workout gear, check out these Black owned health and wellness companies and let’s […]

You’ve Never Tasted A Sauce Like Lady J Sauce

It’s something like a hybrid of barbecue and hot sauce and you’ve never had anything like it before. It’s an “everything” sauce — wings, french fries, collard greens, mac and cheese, spaghetti and even popcorn can get an upgrade from it. Sweet with a nice, spicy kick to it, Lady J Sauce is the next […]

Here’s How You Throw An All Black Barbecue

Summertime means barbecues. Period. From the 4th of July to Labor Day and every block party in between, we’ll find a reason to invite our people over (provide they bring sides or drinks) and fire up the grill. But from now on, let’s do it right and throw barbecues with products from Black owned companies. […]

Got Curves? These Specialty Apparel Lines Will Knock You Off Your Feet!

There has never been a place for curvy women to find high quality, super fashionable active wear. Finding lingerie specifically designed to accentuate those curves and sensuality isn’t easy, either. Now there are Black owned clothing lines that cater to both needs, thanks to Black Girl Magic. Alexis Simone is a premium, cutting edge active […]

Now You Can Sleep Black, Thanks To This Black Owned Bedding Company

Owned by an astonishing Black woman, this company offers the finest African-printed bed sheets that are superior in quality and boldly affirming of our African roots. Stylish, exhilarating and luxurious to the touch, Peppy Valentine sheets are a must for those who wish to upgrade their sleep experience and home decor. Peppy Valentine sheets are […]

This Black Mom Makes All-Natural Deodorant For Kids

Is it just me or do kids often smell? Chantel Powell was between football and basketball camp with her six year old when she had that exact observation — he smelled like a grown man. She researched different products but found nothing on the market completely safe for her child. She decided that she needed […]