Now You Can Sleep Black, Thanks To This Black Owned Bedding Company

Owned by an astonishing Black woman, this company offers the finest African-printed bed sheets that are superior in quality and boldly affirming of our African roots. Stylish, exhilarating and luxurious to the touch, Peppy Valentine sheets are a must for those who wish to upgrade their sleep experience and home decor.

These quality sheets are imported directly from West Africa and completely authentic. These premium sheets will never fade, bleed or get knotted. They sleep very coolly and are breathable, ensuring your comfort throughout the night. One will quickly notice the weight of the sheets, which are 120 grams per square meter (GSM). For sheets, the higher the GSM, the denser the fabric will be. Peppy Valentine is absolutely unique because of its bold and exquisite African designs and vibrant color waves. These sheets ultimately help you create home decor that screams pride, blackness, and royalty.

Founder Stephanie Kennedy was known as “Peppy” growing up in Los Angeles. Her daughter was born on Valentine’s Day and thus her company, Peppy Valentine, was named for her daughter. Stephanie was already an experienced entrepreneur when she started visiting West African countries 10 years ago. She developed a love for African fashion and design. Her first experiences on the continent were in Senegal, where she was galvanized by the country’s custom clothing and unique style. Ghana, Morocco, Gambia, the Ivory Coast, and others would follow. Stephanie felt connected to her homeland and began buying clothing and prints immediately.

Since then, their mission has been to bring forth elegance and awareness of African culture by providing home decor inspired by the roots of our African History. Customers from all around the country have enjoyed a better quality of sleep and a genuine sensation the patterns carry throughout their home. Bringing recognition to our past, this African Inspired Bedding Company provides an essential component to the establishment of our personality and our identity as African descendants. Upgrade your sleep experience. Upgrade your home decor. Sleep Black, buy Peppy Valentine today!

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