Game Designer, Evie Powell, Ph.D., Releases Virtual Reality 'Snowday'

ALL GAMERS: Imagine that every kid in your neighborhood has gone nuts and the only way that you can restore order in your town is by pelting them with snowballs. Now, imagine playing this adventurous scenario out in a virtual reality gaming platform all created by a brilliant Black woman. Well fortunately, this scenario is now a reality, with the release of Dr. Evie Powell’s ‘Epic Snowday Adventure.’ Dr. Powell, a lifelong game researcher and designer, created & coded it, wrote and performed the music, did all characters’ voices, and released it through her startup company Verge of Brilliance! ‘Epic Snowday Adventure’is a snowball fight of EPIC proportions in which your neighbors love to gang up on you. You also can build the biggest snowballs ever and even and make little snowmen. Just don’t get too cold or else your virtual mom will make you come inside immediately. In 2012, Powell received her Ph.D. in Computer Science and then as a grad student focused her research on socially pervasive game experiences and context-aware gaming using mobile technologies. ‘Epic Snowday Adventure’ is only one of Dr. Powell’s many virtual reality games including ‘Melody,’ ’80’s Mania Wrestling,’ and ‘Remain Silent: A Cop’s Request.’ Her work has been showcased at events like Seattle’s GE2, and IMMERSE VR.  She’s also been a panelist at several popular VR and gaming conferences including PAX 2016 and GeekGirlCon. Congrats Sister & Well Done!

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