Goodbye Bonnet, Hello SLAP

From durags and silk pillowcases to bonnets, scarves, and nylon nets, Black women are pros at wrapping up our hair to preserve our styles and our delicate strands.

But when it’s time to run an errand or just look fashionable around the house, most of these methods leave much to be desired in the way of looks.

That’s where the SLAP comes in.

SLAP stands for satin lined cap and was created by entrepreneur Grace Eleyae after her hair suffered damage while traveling. The SLAP merges the street-ready style of a beanie with the hair protection benefits of a satin cap.

“I saw this first hand in December of 2012 while in Africa. With my fine hair already weakened by the dry Kenyan heat, we went on a six-hour long excursion to the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. I spent 12 hours (roundtrip) with my head bouncing against a headrest that was composed of materials that basically sucked the moisture out of my already fragile strands. By the time I came back to the States three weeks later, my hair had completely broken off in the middle of my head — the place where my head rested for those twelve hours.”

In addition to the caps, Eleyae also sells satin lined hats, scrunchies, pillowcases.

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