Keep Your Day Job, Start a Business: 10 Side Hustles

Want to start a business, but can’t imagine quitting your main gig? Here are some ideas for businesses you can run while holding down your 9-to-5. 1. Doula Love mamas and babies? Then you may want to moonlight as a doula. Doulas assist women through the latter part of pregnancy and childbirth and are becoming increasingly popular. You will need training, but once you have the skills, you will likely be in great demand. If you have a day job, it needs to be one with some flexibility though ­— babies come whenever they want! 2. Dropshipping The ubiquitousness of the internet and apps are giving dropshipping a new life. Dropshipping is a way for your to sell products that you don’t have to keep in stock. So when someone buys something from your online “store”, a third party has it shipped to your customer. You can go it alone, but online portals like Shopify now make it easier than ever. 3. Baking Making money from cakes and pies isn’t just for your grandma or that one lady in church. If you have recipes for the best baked goods in town, mix and knead your way into extra cash. 4. Hair Let’s be real: braids and weaves have paid more bills than some 9-5 jobs. If you have the skills and the time, taking on some clients in your off-time can translate to real cash. However, make sure you treat your hair business like you would any other. Most states require a cosmetology license if you are going to apply chemicals and other hair treatments. 5. Crafting Have you seen some of the items sold on WeBuyBlack and thought “I could do that …”? If so, there was never a better time to pour your time and energy into selling handmade items. Once you have your product and production down, sign up for a seller account on WeBuyBlack and start selling. 6. T-Shirts T-Shirt ideas are like opinions: everyone has one. Whether they carry a message that’s comical, conscious, or simply just nice to look at, T-shirts don’t seem to be going out of style any time soon. If you don’t have much in the way of startup funds, sites like Printful and Teespring allow you to test the waters of the T-shirt game without the hassle of storing inventory or sinking money into a not-so-famous design. 7. Make-Up Artist These days, everyone is a celebrity. And what do celebrities need? To look amazing all. the. time. You can capitalize on this trend by lending your skills to all the thousands of folks who are striving to look their best for the ‘Gram. Start with friends and family and do some complementary “before and after” makeovers, then post the pics to social media using hashtags that will help people find you. 8. Event Planner Do you throw the best parties? Are you the one that organizes every detail of any get-together you attend? If so, event planning may be for you. Many events take place on the weekend, so although you may have to put in a bit of leg work during the week, by the time your weekend events hit, the checks will be raining down. 9. Social Media Manager You’re always on social media anyway, so you might as well make it pay. If you have a knack for gaining and maintaining followers, you may want to help some local businesses do the same. Spend some time online researching how to analyze audience engagement and then get to work! 10. Niche Blogger/YouTube Vlogger If there’s one subject you know well and don’t mind talking/writing about obsessively over months or even years, you may want to pour all of that energy into your own blog or YouTube channel. Those that do well are usually have a specific angle or hook and require consistency to build an audience. You can film or write post on your off days and schedule them to post during the week while you work.]]>

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