Limegreen Skin Care Goes the Extra Mile

A self-professed product junkie, Talima Davis says she can remember being frustrated about the flurry of beauty and skin care products she had accumulated over the years. “There’s lip oil and eye oil … and I just thought, ‘why should women have to buy a million products for one face?’ So I started thinking about how products can have more than one use.” That’s when Davis and her partner Allison Lamb created Limegreen, a multi-use, organic, vegan, skincare line. In addition to her own experience with beauty products, Davis says much of her inspiration for the line came from her North Carolina roots. Growing up she saw her grandmother use natural, everyday items to care for her skin and hair. After the idea was born, Davis dedicated herself to learning as much as she could about natural skincare.   “I taught myself about beauty and chemistry, essential oils … I would read about how plants were used to heal,” she said. The Limegreen product line includes skincare and lifestyle products such as oils, washes, sprays, and candles. The brand seeks to help the sometimes high cost of natural skincare go further by providing products that the whole family can use. Davis’ advice for new entrepreneurs? Act on your big ideas.  “Do it! Where there’s a problem, create a solution. A lot of us have these ideas and we say ‘but i’m sure someone is doing it or is going to do it’, or we don’t want to leave our job. I’m not telling you to quit your day job, but when you get home it’s time to work for yourself.” She added, “Also, never start a business alone. Have someone as an advisor or a mentor.” You can catch Davis and Lamb representing Limegreen as contestants on Lifetime’s Project Runway: Fashion Startup airing December 1, 2016. ]]>

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