Meet The 24-Year-Old Helping Brands Go Viral On Social Media

Covania Washington thought her color played a role in her being fired from her job. She was hired by one of Chicago’s biggest fashion design companies as Social Media Manager right out of undergrad. In two years she helped the company grow their revenues, brought on internationally known clients, redesigned their digital presence and began managing their entire digital brand. But she also felt hints of racial hostility at work and after requesting a raise was fired unceremoniously — via email. Within 30 days of her termination she landed her first client and two years later, Bomb and Bossy has worked with over 200 brands. Covania Washington is the truth.

Bomb and Bossy is a boutique Social Media Marketing Agency that specializes in amplifying the social media presence of its clients. By amplify we mean absolutely explode. Based in Chicago, the firm took on a local, Black owned pizza joint that had just opened a week earlier. The owner reached out to Covania for help and within 20 minutes of her posting a video for them, it had 40,000 views. Within 24 hours the number was at 500,000 and after a week, one million. So many people came to the restaurant that the owner had to close down because they ran out of food. There are plenty of firms that do social media but for Covania, this is something more — it’s a calling and passion.

Covania is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build, grow and expand their brands. She believes that before you can do social media for a client you need creativity and to truly believe in their brand and vision. With each client she feels that she is getting closer to her purpose and actually helping people. Covania is especially adept at reaching millennial consumers, given her age. She has worked with clients across the spectrum, from the super hot Toxic Productions in the music space to local food brands. Her innovative and modern approach, along with an ability to forecast market trends and viral marketing opportunities, are what sets Bomb and Bossy apart.

Covania remembers a white colleague at work saying to her, before taking a group picture, she’d look “washed out” standing next to her. She remembers getting fired by email. She also remembers that her old job hired a replacement that was utterly incompetent but just so happened to also be of a much lighter hue. She didn’t cry — she’d already been planning to become an entrepreneur so she beat the streets, networked, attended galas, got cards and within 30 days landed a client. She’s worked with over 200 brands and she has no plans to pump the brakes. You can follow Covania’s journey on Instagram and submit a direct inquiry to her by clicking here.

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