Michelle Obama’s Dopplegänger Just Wrote A Book

Last year a photo of Parker Curry staring at Michelle Obama’s portrait went viral. It was a touching image that helped to concretize for us all the power of representation — seeing a Black girl in awe of an accomplished Black woman is still not the norm, for many people. Parker and her mom, Jessica, have now written a children’s book that will help other kids understand the importance of that moment and what it means to admire the strength, beauty and accomplishments of a Black queen like Mrs. Obama.

At 4-years-old, Parker Curry is surely one of the youngest authors in American history. She also serves as a wonderful example of how ordinary people can take advantage of the opportunities we encounter each day. Parker was featured in a photo that happened to go viral but so have a host of others. Unlike them, Parker turned that photo into an opportunity. Whether it’s daring to sell your cookies or monetizing some routine thing like charging people to stand in line in their place, opportunities are plentiful, if we’re observant.

Entrepreneurship isn’t simply for the brilliant — entrepreneurship is for anyone who has the courage to convert opportunities into something more. Parker and her mom could have easily decided to be content with having a viral photo and meeting the First Lady. They could have posted it on the Gram and made that their claim to fame. But Parker and her mom took advantage of the opportunity presented to them and in doing so, will hopefully inspire an entire generation of Black children to look up. As our children see greatness in their people, they can aspire to it. Seeing is believing; Parker saw and now other children will.

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  1. Robert Naggie
    Robert Naggie
    May 4, 2019 at 9:13 pm

    Beautiful! Entrepreneurship is the key.

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