Multi Million Dollar "Black Hallmark" Celebrates 25 Years

African American Expressions, Greg Perkins, founded his¬†company after being fed up with the lack of representation of African Americans in the gift and greeting card retail market. “I got tired of walking into a store and not seeing myself in anything I bought. We are the strongest influencers in the retail market, and wield some of the strongest buying power in the United States; yet I couldn’t walk into a mall and find a black or brown face on any of the cards I wanted to send out to my family? It made no sense. Something had to change.” – Greg Perkins, owner and CEO. The company went from selling just three greeting cards out of a¬†garage to celebrating its 25th year in business in 2016. Offering hundreds of items ranging from calendars and coffee mugs, to highly-sought after, limited edition collectibles; African American Expressions is now the largest, and premier supplier for the minority retail market. ]]>

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