Say Bye to Shea Moisture, Buy These Instead

If you haven’t yet heard, natural hair and skin care brand Shea Moisture is on the outs with the Black community after releasing a new ad campaign featuring mostly white women.
Black women have been the Black-owned brand’s target market and most vocal supporters for years, fueling the brand’s success and expansion into nationwide retailers like Target and Walgreens. Now, many Black women say they feel betrayed by the brand.
Although Shea Moisture swiftly pulled the ad and issued an apology that recognized the tone deaf nature of the video, it’s clear that the company believes that in order to expand, they have to deny their Black base.
When it comes to Shea Moisture or any other product on the shelf, skip the guessing game about the company’s intentions and head straight to Our sellers are Black, proud, and happy to have your business.
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