September 16th: Editor's Choice of the Top 5 B. B. King Tunes

B. B. King, Blues, Black musician, Blues artist, Black music

Long Live The King

B. B. King was born September 16, 1925, in Itta Bena, Mississippi. Today would have been his 93rd birthday. In honor of his birthday, We Buy Black is providing a list of the king’s top 5 songs. Listen to these blues masterpieces and leave a comment below. Do you like this list? Did we leave a song off that you feel should’ve made the list? Do you think we commemorated B. B. King the best way we possibly could have? Let us know what you think.

1. The Thrill Is Gone

B. B. King released his version of The Thrill Is Gone in 1969. The song appeared on his album, Completely Well. This was King’s biggest hit. It peaked at No. 15 on the Billboard charts in 1970. It is his most notable song and it helped establish him as an R&B artist in addition to being a well-established blues musician. Follow this link to listen to B. B. King’s version of The Thrill Is Gone.

2. Chains And Things

The next song on our list is Chains And Things. This track was included on King’s 1970 album, Indianola Mississippi Seeds. This track peaked at No. 45 on the Billboard charts in 1970. Gangsta rap artist Ice Cube would later sample King’s guitar solo from this track for his song A Bird In the Hand, which appeared on his Death Certificate album. Click the link to hear King’s Chains And Things.   B. B. King, Blues, Black musician, Blues artist, Black music  

3. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now

You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now is one of King’s earlier tunes. This southern blues classic never made the Billboard chart but it’s one of the King’s greatest tunes. His solo call-and-response introduction with his soulful voice accompanied only by Lucille (his guitar) made for a great opening to a great song. Follow this link in order to hear You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now.

4. Lucille

Out of all of B. B. King’s songs, Lucille is perhaps his most passionate one. Although he sang about numerous women, he couldn’t have had more adoration for them than he did for Lucille. Lucille is the name of his guitar. In his song, Lucille, King tells the story behind Lucille’s name. Click this link to learn why every one of B. B. King’s guitar was named Lucille.

5. Key To The Highway

Key To The Highway is a blues standard recorded by Charlie Segar in 1940. Many people recorded their versions of it. No one, however, performed this song quite like B. B. King. I was fortunate enough to speak with B. B. King from the crowd while he was on stage. He asked the audience what he should play next and I shouted out, “Key To The Highway!” Mr. King then proceeded to play the song. I’ll never forget that. I felt like he had played it just for me. Key To The Highway is definitely one of B. B. King’s top 5 tunes. Click here to listen to his rendition of Key To The Highway.   B. B. King, Blues, Black musician, Blues artist, Black music]]>

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