She Lost Over 100 Pounds, Now This Atlanta Chef Entrepreneur Teaches Others

After losing well over 100 pounds, Atlanta’s Queen Dr. Neith is bestowing her knowledge upon the community. Queen Dr. Neith is an amazing chef and owns “Queen’s Cuisine” – raw, living, and vegan catering meal delivery service in Atlanta, Ga.

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Queen’s Cuisine Atlanta delivers happiness and healing to people in need. Their flavorful, healthy plant based meals are here to please with healing plants and vegetables. Queen’s cuisine has daily soup specials ranging from Portobello Steak to Spicy Black Bean Taco and Philly Cheezesteak soup—all vegan. Queen’s Cuisine Atlanta’s purpose is rooted in teaching families how to raise their vibrations through yummy fun in health consciousness.

Queen Dr. Neith also teaches vegan cooking courses in Atlanta and worldwide and helps the community obtain vegan certifications through all-vegan culinary private cooking education courses. She teaches transitional lifestyle and raw and vegan cooking classes at The Temple of Sekhmet International House of Wellness in Atlanta and teaches one on one cooking classes in homes and online.

She is a Graduate and Educator of the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, GA and enjoys helping the leaders of the local community heal by example through culinary cleansing. She guides step by step through the entire creation of vegan dishes, and she teaches lessons on what foods are good for your family — healthy cooking tips, juicing, and much more are included. Queen’s cuisine curriculum varies in both length and content, offering culinary courses among other programs. There’s also an opportunity to receive a Vegan Chef Certification with additional support from Queen Dr. Neith.

Health is wealth and Queen Dr. Neith knows personally that without a healthy, vibrant body, it’s hard to achieve much else. She is on a mission to teach others how truly alive food can be — foods that will help your internal body system flow in abundance and boost your health to new levels. Queen’s Cuisine has been proven to aid with erectile dysfunction, fibroid tumors, weight loss, pain and so much more. There is no greater gift to yourself than health!

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    Boneita Glenn
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    Hello I’m interested in vegan cooking and recipes

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