Suspect Identified In Murder of Nipsey Hussle

The Los Angeles Police have identified a suspect in the murder of entrepreneur and entertainer, Nipsey Hussle. According to the LAPD Eric Holder, 29, is wanted for homicide.

Nipsey Hussle was among four people standing by a car when a gunman began firing, outside of Hussle's Marathon Clothing. The incident was captured by surveillance camera footage. A person dressed in dark clothing appears to approach the four, at which time everyone scatters. After firing multiple times, the shooter ran to a nearby alley where a vehicle -- "driven by an unidentified female" -- was was waiting, according to police. Holder entered from the passenger side and the vehicle fled, authorities said.

Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore was quick to point out that Hussle's death was part of a larger surge of violence over the past week in LA. During that period the city clocked 26 shooting victims and 10 homicides. Overall, however, violent crime in the city is down along with homicides. According to a source familiar with the investigation, Hussle's shooting was likely a "gang attack." The investigation is ongoing.

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