Say Yes To The Dress And Buy Black — Meet A Black Wedding Dress Designer

Say yes to the dress and buy Black. Veronica Wells recently found out that she could do both, in fact. Pantora Bridal is a Black owned company that is helping brides do just that, daily. Their designs are fresh, cutting edge and simply breathtaking. For a woman, there is no experience quite like the pursuit […]

Black Hollywood Rocking Black Luxury Designers

When it comes to fashion these days Black Hollywood is becoming more conscious of the names that they rock. In addition to big luxury brands like Gucci, Fendi, or Prada, they are now seeking out more diverse, high end brands, while still turning heads. Celebs like Michelle Obama and the Carters are not only spending […]

5 Dope Swimsuit Designers Dripping In Melanin

Dust off your crop tops and cut off shorts, because ladies and gentlemen it is the time of year. It’s about time to start wearing less and going out more. The fact that the temperature is rising and the sun is coming out more can only mean one thing….Summer is approaching! It’s finally time to […]