First Ever Black Business Expo Held In Bentonville, Walmart’s Hometown

The Waltons are the richest family in the country, with three individuals ranked in the top 15 wealthiest Americans. The Waltons, of course, made their fortune through Walmart, the largest employer in the United States and the largest company in the world, by revenue. Walmart was founded by Sam Walton, whose first “Walton’s Five and […]

3 Ways To Insult Black Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is tough and believe it or not, you have the ability to make it that much harder. Daily, business owners experience a range of negative emotions linked to setbacks in business, unpleasant encounters with customers and yes, even insults. Black entrepreneurs, especially, put up with a number of insults daily from people; many aren’t […]

Wanna Transition From Employee To Entrepreneur? Here’s How You Can

Mena Darré has a Bachelors in Exercise Science, Masters in Teaching Health Education, and a Doctorate in following her dreams. Mena always knew she wanted more than just a 9 to 5.  After college she was balancing her supervisory roles and her side hustles as a personal trainer and photographer. After Mena graduated with her Masters […]

Wanna Pitch Your Black Business? Here’s Where To Do It

Where can Black entrepreneurs go to pitch their business ideas? At this year’s We Buy Black Convention we will host the first “Pitch Black” competition. Pitch Black will be a “Shark Tank” styled competition where Black entrepreneurs from across the country will have an opportunity to pitch and receive constructive feedback on their business ideas. […]

Who Got Next? Meet The Next Black Moguls – Pt. 1

A Series Taking a Closer Look at the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs and the People Ensuring Their Success Generation Z expects their salary for their first job out of college to be $46,799. The Ultimate Guide to Generation Z, found that Gen Z job seekers have high expectations when it comes to their salaries and […]

A Black Tech Ecosystem Is Being Created In Chicago — Which City Will Be Next?

The 2019 Chicago State of the Black Tech Ecosystem convened this past Thursday evening at Google. The forum was hosted by Black Tech Mecca and moderated by its founder, Fabian Elliott. For three consecutive years, Elliott has sought to compile data explaining the gains and disparities that exist for Black entrepreneurs in Chicago and how […]

Why Do Black Businesses Charge So Much Though?

You’ve heard that question before and you may have asked it a time or two. Walmart can sell you a bar of Dove soap for around a dollar but a Black entrepreneur making soap might easily be twice that. What gives? There are a variety of factors that influence pricing but let’s just take a […]

This Black Entrepreneur Is Giving Away Thousands To Startup Companies

Rashad Howard is an activist but he doesn’t attend protests. Instead, he gives his money away to entrepreneurs who are starting companies. Rashad’s activism is business and through that vehicle he’s determined to see his people gain self determination — the ability to control our own fate and dictate what happens in our lives. Having […]

PBS Airing Film On The History of Black Business April 23

Say the name Steve Jobs and one can conjure his trademark turtleneck, rattle off facts of his life story, and point to several of his inventions in your home. But what comes to mind when you hear the name, John H. Johnson? Can you picture his face? Can you describe his life story and rich […]