Black Managed Isn’t The Same As Black Owned

Employees of businesses don’t get wealthy and they certainly don’t have the power to create wealth for anyone else. Employees get paid to do a job, period. Business owners, however, are in a position to create wealth for themselves and potentially, build greater opportunities for others. Employees simply can’t do those things, something you should […]

I Got Burned By A Black Owned Company, What Now?

No one can oppress you unless you give them the money to do it. Let me repeat that — NO one can oppress you unless you give them the money to do it. Buying Black is about recognizing how we are enabling our own oppression and making the decision to stop funding it, at all […]

Having Trouble Finding Black Owned Businesses? Presenting WHERE We Buy Black

Are you having trouble finding Black owned businesses? Welcome to WHERE We Buy Black. Each day hundreds of our followers ask us for help on buying Black and we hear you loud and clear. Where We Buy Black will function as a shopping assistant, helping to spotlight a select number of Black owned companies in […]

How Far Should Black Businesses Go To Get Non-Black Customers?

We’ve been told that the Black dollar only circulates in our community for 6 hours. We are universal consumers — we buy from everyone, there is a clear “trade deficit.” With that in mind we should always “Buy Black” but the goal should also be, “sell to everyone.” But that’s precisely where it gets tricky, […]

Wanna Make The Government Buy Black? Here’s How

You’re committed to buying Black but is your government? Doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican, this matters. The truth is government has a big role in the success of companies and we’re not paying enough attention to how it all works. This game is called procurement — a government (city, state or federal) […]

3 Black Owned Beauty Brands You Should Switch To

You can like steak and still go vegan. Allow me to introduce you to Obia Naturals. Their mission is to produce pH balanced, vegan and non-toxic natural hair and body care products fortified with natural ingredients. Their products are vegan, pH balanced and completely natural. Obia Naturals offers a range of products for hair and […]

3 Personal Care Brands That Will Change Your Life

Let me guess, you still buy whatever basic soaps and personal care products they sell at WalMart or the grocery store. It’s 2019 — time to know better and do better. After all, we’re grownups now and not limited to the stuff our parents bought! What you put on your skin and hair is a […]