He Built A Grocery Store Empire Before Slavery Was Abolished

Soul Food Market will be a top rate grocery store, completely owned and operated by Black people. Soul Food Market, however, will not be the first of its kind. Well before the Civil War started, Samuel T. Wilcox built a grocery empire with annual sales in excess of $4 million, in today’s dollars. Many tried […]

This Man Opened A Grocery Store In A “Food Desert”

Brandon Cosby isn’t interested in what is — he only sees what should and can be. He is the Executive Director of Flanner House in Indianapolis, an organization originally designed by Booker T. Washington to lift Blacks in Indianapolis from slum conditions. Flanner House has a variety of programs that support families in the area […]

This Grocery Store Is On A Mission Is To Fight Racism

You may have noticed by now that we are crowdfunding to build a Black owned grocery store with products produced by Black owned companies — there’s even a chance you’re over it already. We’ve talked about the economic impact of a Black owned grocery store and how it would help recycle the Black dollar but […]

This Industry Dwarfs Amazon, We Should Buy In

Amazon is big but nothing compared to the grocery business. In 2018 Amazon brought in $232.89 billion in total revenue. The United States is home to 38,000 supermarkets and they bring in $650 billion a year, according to the Food Marketing Institute and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The grocery business is still growing. […]