Black Teen Has 3 Books Being Used By School Districts

She’s not even 18 and already this writer’s books are being used in the curricula of three school districts. The Chronicles of the Middle School is a series conceived and written by Essynce Moore. The series consists of three books: 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles, 7th Grade Middle School Chronicles and 8th Grade Middle School […]

Who Got Next? Meet The Next Black Moguls – Pt. 2

A Series Taking a Closer Look at the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs and the People Ensuring Their Success Generation Z expects their salary for their first job out of college to be $46,799. The Ultimate Guide to Generation Z, found that Gen Z job seekers have high expectations when it comes to their salaries and 60% want […]

Black Organization Awards Over $36k in Seed Funding to Teen Businesses

Entrepreneurship is one of the best vehicles for Black communities and families to generate wealth. Even so, the opportunities for us to learn to become entrepreneurs are often very limited. Unless your city is resource rich, you’ve gone to a college or university with a strong business program, or you’re lucky enough to find a […]

Black Woman Is Helping Hundreds of Black Teens Start Businesses In Chicago

Would you like to move to Chicago? Some believe the Chi is the greatest city in America but others choose to see the negative. Homicides are far too frequent and the perception is that the city is simply a bloodbath. At the root is Black unemployment — historically twice that of whites and in Chicago, […]