How Can Black Men Best Support Black Women? Buy Something

The number of firms owned by women over the last decade rose 58%. The number of firms owned by Black women, in that same time period, rose by 164%. Black women are starting businesses at a higher rate than anyone else and Black men should pay attention. Men are generally taught that “women value security” […]

Black Chemist Produces Breakthrough To Moisturize Skin & Hair

Science often gives us a slight edge over nature. When science is skillfully blended with nature, however, things advance dramatically. A Black chemist is ushering in that type of leap forward in the science of beauty. Ni’Kita Wilson is a chemist who worked decades in the cosmetics industry, developing over 3,200 products for some of the top […]

Southern University’s Fabulous Dancing Dolls: Not Just Pretty Faces, CEOs & Bosses

Photo: Human Jukebox Media They are world renowned and for millions, the absolute embodiment of what a Black woman is. They are the Southern University ‘Dancing Dolls.’ You see beautiful faces, sensual dance moves and precise choreography but we see something very different — accomplished Black women entrepreneurs. The Dancing Dolls are not just women […]

Entrepreneurs Aren’t Equal To Super Entrepreneurs — Meet Jonetta Patton

Patrick Ewing was an amazing athlete — an NBA legend, in fact. Bo Jackson, however, was a super athlete who excelled at the highest levels of multiple sports. There is a difference. Jonetta Patton, in the same way, is a super entrepreneur. Patton has, on her own, successfully navigated the very tough music industry and […]

Black Mom Started With 1 Hair Product, Now She Has 46

Monique Rodriguez always wanted to be an entrepreneur but her mother encouraged her to get a “stable” career. She became a nurse but just wasn’t fulfilled. While pregnant with her third child Monique suffered a uterine rupture and her son was born brain dead. Monique was devastated and needed to find meaning. She began mixing […]