Black People Can’t Live Like White People: Accept It

I don’t think it’s fair that I have to follow a spreadsheet of rules when I interact with police but that’s just the way it is. When I get pulled over I keep my hands on the steering wheel, hands at 10 and 2. I do that so the officer can see my hands at […]

Buy Black Check: What’d You Purchase This Month?

We want buying Black to be a lifestyle, not just a source of social media content. How did you do for the month of June? What Black businesses did you support? Buying Black doesn’t have to be so overwhelming — it can feel that way, I know. My suggestion is always to find one product […]

Who Will You Make Rich This Weekend?

It’s Friday! The workweek (for some) is over and the focus is on relaxation and fun. Relaxation and fun, however, literally represents billions of dollars changing hands this weekend. With billions of dollars moving, someone is bound to strike it rich this weekend. Our focus should be making sure Black entrepreneurs are among the fortunate. […]