After Karol Sanchez, Who Will Take A Knee For Missing Black Girls?

Anya Washington. (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children courtesy photo) The issue of police violence isn’t new; the Black Panthers started with an armed citizens’ patrols to monitor police behavior back in the 1960s. But then Colin Kaepernick took a knee. Kneeling¬†elevated the issue of police violence from the fringe of street protest, into […]

Kaepernick Workout: Real Opportunity Or PR Move?

Photo: This Saturday Colin Kaepernick will work out for several NFL teams. When news of the private workout in being held in Atlanta broke Tuesday afternoon it was met with universal excitement by all of his supporters. It’s what we’ve wanted for the last three years — an opportunity for Colin to continue his […]

20 Years Before Kaepernick He Lost NBA Career Protesting The Anthem; Meet Him At Our Gala

*Cover photo by Pro Photographer Charles Winslow, Media Relations, Ice Cube Big3* Colin Kaepernick is most definitely a hero but before he took a knee, there was Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. Abdul-Rauf was a promising NBA player who lost his career because he refused to stand for the National Anthem. 20 years before Kaepernick, Abdul-Rauf took a […]