What Is The 4th Of July To Those Unable To Afford Bail?

Kalief Browder was arrested at age 16 and charged with stealing a backpack. His bail was set at $3,000 but because his family didn’t have the cash, he ultimately spent 3 years at Rikers Island awaiting trial. Prosecutors eventually dismissed the charges against him but it was too late; Browder would later commit suicide. 5 […]

Black Women Are Imprisoned At Alarming Rates. This Black Woman Helps Them Put Their Lives Back Together

Syrita Steib-Martin was sentenced to 120 months in federal prison, 20 years in state prison, and $1.9 million of restitution at the age of 19. The sentence stemmed from auto theft charges. But Syrita wasn’t alone — over past 20 years there has been an 800% rise in the incarceration rate of Black women, who […]

Son of Notorious B.I.G Fighting For Criminal Justice Reform

CJ Wallace is determined to leave his mark on the world and honor his later father. His company is called “Think BIG” and the motivations are deeply personal. Wallace’s late father was arrested for cannabis before his death and like many other Black men, he would have been wrapped up with the criminal justice system […]