NYC Is Majority-Minority But White Men Get 95% Of City Contracts

Photo: Getty Images NYC has over 8 million residents and close to 60 percent of them are non-white. Even so, 94.5 percent of the city’s contracts go to businesses owned by white men. Black people in New York wake up everyday, go to work and pay their taxes, only to have the city hand over […]

One BIG Tip To Get Government Contracts

If you’re a Black business owner, you know how hard it is to do business with the government. Whether city, county, state or federal, it’s just difficult on all levels. Still, you know that getting government contracts is the way to take your company to the next level — government contracts can be very lucrative […]

Wanna Make The Government Buy Black? Here’s How

You’re committed to buying Black but is your government? Doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican, this matters. The truth is government has a big role in the success of companies and we’re not paying enough attention to how it all works. This game is called procurement — a government (city, state or federal) […]