4 Black Owned Companies Catering To Moms & Entrepreneurs

Michael Jung | iStock | Getty Images Where do Black moms turn to for baby supplies? Darlyng & Co. has everything you need to make sure your baby is happy and healthy. Their Teething Mitten is the perfect solution to keep babies safe while teething and parents stress free. The company offers a line of […]

The African Smart Home Is Here, Thanks To These 2 Sistas

Most retailers don’t curate brands that prioritize “Afrocentric” culture-specific needs for cooking, personal styling, decorating, and organizing their homes. JOONAFRICA, however, caters to people who have a deep appreciation for the “Afropolitan” aesthetic.  JOONAFRICA is an on-demand digital printing platform cultivating the on-going demand for new inventions and creations that reflect or improve the Black […]

New Products For Black Techies & Kids

JOONAFRICA is a world leader in “Afropolitan” (African and Cosmopolitan) goods, crafted by artists from around the diaspora. From wall art to smart watch bands to home decor, JOONAFRICA offers Afropolitan tech accessories as well as home and kitchen goods, handcrafted by the most talented creators from the African diaspora. Perfectly Hued is an illustration-based boutique that features […]