25% Of Philadelphia Businesses Are Black Owned

52nd Street in West Philadelphia is one of the few corridors in the city with a high rate of black business ownership. (Jessica Griffen/Philadelphia Media Network) Blacks make up 44% of the population in the Philadelphia area. In a perfect world, 44% of the businesses in the area would be Black owned, although the national […]

Black Man Launches Delivery Service For Black Owned Restaurants

David Cabello didn’t win “most likely to succeed” in high school but it doesn’t matter now. Cabello is the Founder of Black and Mobile, a delivery service catering to Black owned restaurants. The company is attracting a great deal of attention of late, with profiles from BET and various other outlets. It started out with a […]

Black Couple Opens Cancer Support Center

Cancer is a serious issue in our community. The American Cancer Society estimated 202,260 new cancer cases and 73,030 cancer deaths for Blacks in 2019. We have “the highest death rate and shortest survival of any racial and ethnic group in the US for most cancers.” As with any other problem we face, it’s up […]

Once A Prisoner, Champ Bernard Hopkins Now Honored By Temple University

It’s not where you start but where you finish. Bernard Hopkins grew up in the Raymond Rosen housing projects in Philadelphia — it was tough sledding. By the time he turned 13 he was well into a life of crime and had been stabbed a few times. At the age of 17 Bernard Hopkins was […]