What Is The We Buy Black Agenda?

Remove, Replace, and Rebuild. We are not simply a website or social media platform. We have an agenda and we’re quite open about it. This weekend will mark 400 years since the first Africans arrived in America — what we do tomorrow will determine what the next 400 years will look like. To move, however, […]

Entrepreneurs Aren’t Equal To Super Entrepreneurs — Meet Jonetta Patton

Patrick Ewing was an amazing athlete — an NBA legend, in fact. Bo Jackson, however, was a super athlete who excelled at the highest levels of multiple sports. There is a difference. Jonetta Patton, in the same way, is a super entrepreneur. Patton has, on her own, successfully navigated the very tough music industry and […]

August 25 Marks 400 Years Since Africans Arrived — What’s Next?

August 25th will mark exactly 400 years since the first Africans arrived at Jamestown, Virginia. These 400 years have been a story of triumph and also, overwhelmingly, sorrow. We now must determine what world our children and their grandchildren will live in, the next 400 years. The We Buy Black Convention isn’t simply a “thing” […]

Do You Really Want To Be Part Of The Movement? Here’s How

Are you a part of “The Movement?” What does that even mean? When Dr. King was marching it was, at least in hindsight, clear what the movement was in that moment. Today we need clarity as to what the movement is, where it is and how we are to participate in it. We can ride […]

Meet The Black Business All-Stars Who Will Judge The Pitch Black Competition

We are making history at this year’s We Buy Black Convention. Black entrepreneurs from across the country will have the opportunity to pitch and receive constructive feedback on their business ideas at our first “Pitch Black” competition. We have secured an all-star lineup to judge the competition and you should meet them. Adrienne Lance Lucas […]

Your Network Isn’t Good Enough For The Business You’re Building

Who do you hang around? Who can you call right now to help you scale from dream to reality? Do you have five people in your phone, currently, that could actually help your business grow instantly? Your network is your net worth and sometimes you need to make a move to add new people to […]

Wanna Pitch Your Black Business? Here’s Where To Do It

Where can Black entrepreneurs go to pitch their business ideas? At this year’s We Buy Black Convention we will host the first “Pitch Black” competition. Pitch Black will be a “Shark Tank” styled competition where Black entrepreneurs from across the country will have an opportunity to pitch and receive constructive feedback on their business ideas. […]

Ready To Grow Your Business? Come Get With Our Experts

From finding the right startup funding for your company to understanding the importance of Blockchain for your small business, the expertise and coaching you need will be at this year’s We Buy Black Convention. If you’re serious about growing your company, you need to be there. There will be a series of workshops that Convention […]

20 Years Before Kaepernick He Lost NBA Career Protesting The Anthem; Meet Him At Our Gala

*Cover photo by Pro Photographer Charles Winslow, Media Relations, Ice Cube Big3* Colin Kaepernick is most definitely a hero but before he took a knee, there was Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. Abdul-Rauf was a promising NBA player who lost his career because he refused to stand for the National Anthem. 20 years before Kaepernick, Abdul-Rauf took a […]

Welcome To The Center Of The Movement: ATL

Love it or hate it, ATL is movement central. Dr. King was an international figure but he set up his Southern Christian Leadership Conference headquarters in ATL. The center of Black scholarship in America is a consortium of institutions of higher learning, all clustered in Atlanta — the Atlanta University Center. Atlanta also happens to […]