#TheAlternative: Don't Boycott Starbucks, Shift Black Bucks!

Two Black men in Philadelphia were arrested in a Starbucks for the crime of waiting for a friend. The company’s CEO has since apologized to the two men and requested to meet with them. Many are calling for a boycott of Starbucks but that simply isn’t the answer. The issue is racial bias and that can occur anywhere at anytime — boycotting Starbucks will not shield us from some similar actions by a store employee elsewhere. The answer is to support businesses in our own community where we are known, loved and hired by people who look like us. Coffee is big business and we should get our share. The average American drinks over 2 cups, daily — that’s a whole lot of beans and we’re only talking about American consumption. Overwhelmingly, Black and Brown people in developing nations produce the coffee that enriches Starbucks and other companies. Now is a good time to begin thinking about how we, as a community, can harvest some of those profits and even develop business models that treat producers more equitably. An easy start is to begin buying your coffee from Black owned coffee shops. Doing this will not only help you get your daily coffee fix but also, create jobs and further development in Black communities. Here are some Black owned coffee shops to consider. By no means is this an exhaustive list but look for your city below and let others know. Atlanta – My Coffee Shop, 640 West Community Cafe Baltimore – Dovecote Cafe, Teavolve Cafe & Lounge Chicago – Sip & Savor, Currency Exchange Cafe Cleveland – Urbean Joe Cafe Columbus – Upper Cup Coffee Company Denver – Whittier Cafe Detroit- Narrow Way Cafe Durham – Beyu Caffe Houston – Kaffeine Coffee Los Angeles – Sip & Sonder Milwaukee – Rise & Grind Cafe Minneapolis/St. Paul – Golden Thyme Coffee & Cafe Nashville – The Terminal Cafe Newark – Black Swan Espresso, Mocha Lounge New Orleans – Backatown New York – Sol Sips Oakland – Red Bay Coffee Philadelphia – iMunch CafeUncle Bobbie’s Coffee and Books Richmond – Brewer’s Cafe St. Louis – Northwest Coffee Roasting Company Washington – Uprising Muffins, Sankofa Video, Books & Cafe If you don’t see a spot in your city don’t worry, there are a bunch more here. Also, several of our Instagram followers chimed in with Black owned spots in their cities on this thread.  ]]>

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