#TheAlternative: Ladies These Flats Are Made By A Black Woman

I have never worn heels but I’m told that after hours of walking in them, your feet hurt a whole lot. Dawn Dickson was in that exact position in February of 2011 while attending an event in South Beach. After hours of standing, her feet were on fire and when she couldn’t find an affordable pair of flats to purchase, she’d had enough. Dawn set out to create a fashionable, durable and must-have rollable flat that is chic and durable enough for everyday use — that was the birth of Flat Out of Heels. Flat Out of Heels have been featured in countless media outlets including NBC, Women’s World Daily, Black Enterprise, Ebony, Upscale Magazine, CNBC, MSNBC, Yahoo, USA Today and many more. The company makes shoes that are comfortable, stylish and incredibly convenient. Not only are they rollable, they are dispensable out of vending machines to make purchasing convenient! Flat Out of Heels also offers customers incredible style, along with comfort. They feature flats in a variety of colors, with and without laces. The company’s website even offers customers the opportunity to design their own flats! The company even worked with Alpha Kappa Alpha in the past to create flats for their annual conference. Black owned, through and through.  The story of Flat Out of Heels illustrates the power of Black women. After Dickson started the company in 2011, Flat Out of Heels was was selected as the winner of the Big Break Power Pitch at ESSENCE Festival in 2015, which awarded $25,000 to a woman-led company featuring a product that would change women’s lives. Winning that prize helped propel the brand to the next level and today it continues to grow. You, ladies, have the power to help this amazing company continue its path of growth. According to the company’s website, 3 hours is the average amount of time a woman can last in heels. 78 percent have walked barefoot due to the pain of heels. Most importantly, however, 100 percent of women need Flat Out of Heels. Follow them on Instagram and go to their site to make a purchase, today!  ]]>

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