This Is The Most Chic African Inspired Clothing Line Ever

How free are you? Our clothing speaks for us, even when we don’t say a word. DashikiPride makes African inspired clothing that is entirely unique -- you'll scream fashion and emancipation, each time you wear their designs. We strive to be woke but also want to present our best selves to the world, daily. Thanks to DashikiPride, we no longer have to choose between the two.

The Company

DashikiPride stands for unity and freedom. It represents a radical shift in fashion, one that allows us to express our true, emancipated selves with impeccable taste. While best known for the dashiki, the company offers a broad collection of fashion for men and women. Skirts, dresses, jackets, cardigans, hoodies and pants are available. They offer accessories ranging from hats to backpacks, also. Let’s be clear -- DashikiPride offers fashions that are bold and breathtaking. Clothing is abundant in the world but this company truly offers fashion to help you stand out, slay and scream freedom simply by walking into a room.

Established in 2014, DashikiPride has grown to become a serious force in the fashion world. Once considered on the fringe, DashikiPride has helped to make African inspired clothing mainstream -- after all, Black people have always been trendsetters. The company is based in New Jersey but ships internationally. Not only is their customer base broad but they are also very loyal -- most customers buy from the company repeatedly. In addition, the company is focused on helping to empower young entrepreneurs and women to pursue their dreams, just as the Founders of DashikiPride have.

Meet the Founders

DashikiPride was founded by Marysonia Ugokwe, Lilian Ugokwe and Mirian Ugokwe (pictured above). The three queens are sisters who were born in Nigeria. In 2007 they came to the States and immediately noticed that in many cases, Black people in America were disconnected from or ashamed of their African roots. They wanted badly to help bridge that gap in their own way and create a vehicle for people to promote our African heritage. Around the time they were graduating from high school, the sisters decided to take the plunge. They worked hard to build the company while finishing their undergraduate degrees.

Support DashikiPride

We are revolutionary people and we like to look damn good, in the process. DashikiPride offers us that opportunity. Black owned, excellent and on the cutting edge of fashion, this company leaves nothing to be desired. If you don't have any of their clothing or accessories, today is a good day to make it happen. You can visit their website for special discounts and follow them on social media -- @DashikiPride on Facebook and Instagram. Show your pride and fashion forwardness, shop DashikiPride.

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