Top 10 Reasons to Join

  • A Social Cure: Currently in America, Black people have the highest rates for poverty, homelessness, joblessness, crime, and imprisonment. All of these metrics can be linked back to economic dependency and instability. Black-owned companies have a 90% rate of hiring of their own race higher than any other ethnic group. Therefore, the more successful businesses we have in our community, the more Black people will have steady work.
    1. Were Black Owned: WeBuyBlack is a Black-owned company.
    1. Business Development: From Amazon to Etsy and Ebay, there are many online marketplaces to shop from. However, WeBuyBlack is not just a marketplace, its also a business development and resource center. WeBuyBlack now offers monthly grants starting at $2,000, and we will continue to build and solidify partnerships with various nonprofit organizations and donors.
    1. Representation: WeBuyBlack intentionally adds Black models throughout the site giving proper representation of the people the site serves.
    1. Cross Sales: As a hub dedicated to Black-owned business, many vendors are discovered when customers are invited to shop on the site and discover items theyve never seen before.
    1. Buy Black Conveniently: For years, the excuse for not shopping within the Black community has been well, I cant find them. That excuse is officially dead. Find everything you want and need by Black-owned businesses, online. Keep your money within the Black community to directly affect change.
    1. A Generational Call: From Malcolm to Martin, practically every great Black leader has preached the need to participate in group economics. With access to technology making that goal easier than ever, lets make their visions a reality.
    1. Black Children Matter: Building this foundation and network of Black business ownership will have a positive impact for generations to come.
    1. Its Cheap: Now, if you compare WeBuyBlack to Etsy or Amazon, youll find that these other platforms have slightly lower rates. But, what these other platforms do not have, is a budget set aside specifically to aid the Black community. WeBuyBlack, is not just a global marketplace facilitating sales all over the world, its also a movement. Just like Black Lives Matter, Black Dollars Matter too.
    1. Its a Family Thing: Lets say you are in need of a car. Your new brother-in-law works at car dealership where he is paid by commission. All things being equal, would you purchase a car from another dealership where you do not know anyone that works there? Or would you buy from the dealership that your brother-in-law works for? Exactly! You chose your brother-in-law because not only will your family come down on you, but you know that the earnings he will make will help your sister and their children. Therefore, support, we are your family!


    1. Hakim Tito Lopez
      Hakim Tito Lopez
      December 21, 2016 at 12:44 pm

      Hey Shareef, I pray that Allah continues to strengthen your movement as well as bless you with the courage to keep pushing forward… Peace and Blessings !

    2. Asia
      April 4, 2017 at 5:37 pm

      Were Black Owned should be, We’re Black Owned.

    3. Tarik
      April 25, 2017 at 6:10 am

      I love the passion here, but our problem is deeper than “buying black”. Once we buy from each other, the money goes straight into a white owned financial institution. Buying black is like giving a sick child flu medicine. The child will continue to get sick until you remove the poison from its body. Fiat money and anglo banks are the poison we must remove. We must use black owned banks and gold instead. It’s the only long term solution to the 10 problems you listed above.

      Just trying to keep things in perspective here. This is a wonderful start and God will bless everything we do if we do for self.

    4. Jessica G.
      Jessica G.
      December 28, 2018 at 10:11 pm

      Please upload video content regarding black economics, updates on products offered, a call for more products on WBB, etc as video content on you tube. FB is great but you have to take the time to browse the WBB page. If video content is uploaded weekly to your youtube page you could grow your subscribers tremendously and sales through the site. Everybody should be talking about WBB in 2019 but we have to have representation in media. Monthly/ quarterly newsletters would be great as well because it could be a tool of promoting black economics in print, especially if the site was looking for investors.

    5. James Edmondson
      James Edmondson
      December 29, 2018 at 2:07 pm

      I’m glad I found this site, it’s my new go to for all things.

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