Here Are 9 Black-owned Toy Manufacturers to Support Instead of Toys "R" Us

Fond childhood memories are often centered around favorite toys. However, many people don’t know that many of their favorite toy stores participated in discrimination and the perpetuation of White supremacy. Toys R Us and many mainstream toy stores lack the diversity of carrying Black dolls, Black action figures, and Black manufactured toys. Let's not forget when Black shoppers sued Toys R Us in 2007 for racial discrimination. There was also that glaring incident when they were selling "slave collars".  Oh and there was no coincidence when Toys R Us would discriminatorily price White and "ethnic dolls according to Vice . With the recent closing of  physical Toys R Us stores, let’s take this opportunity to support our own Black owned toys and  manufacturers.

Paddlefoot Dolls & Crafts


History In Action Toys (Click Here)

Uzuri Kid Kidz(Click Here)

Kwanzaa Kids( Click Here)

Financial Literacy Fun Pack

Natural Hair Coco Doll

Children’s Kurly Kids Tea Set

Tic Toc Drum

Zakiya's Fidget Spinner


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