Tuesday’s Hot Products — All Black Owned!

It’s possible to get hair color that pops without the abrasive, harmful chemicals and bleaches that often accompany it. Mysteek Naturals is the answer. From “Glowing Red” to “Bougie Blue,” this company has bold colors to match your personality and every mood. Don’t continue doing harm to your hair and don’t sacrifice your personal, colorful expression — use Mysteek Naturals. In addition, the company also makes an activated charcoal toothpaste. Free yourself from chemicals and still get the clean, support Mysteek Naturals.

Do you have trouble with razor bumps, fellas? You can save your skin and upgrade your entire shaving routine with Xotics by Curtis Smith. The company produces hair and body products, with an extreme commitment to high-quality, natural ingredients as its founding principle. Xotics creates Beard Balm, Blue Aloe Shave Gel, Razor Bump/Skin Irritation Spray and a host of other products. Also try Xotics Verbena Body Oil to leave your body silky smooth, with a captivating aroma.

The Black Pack offers high quality, premium playing cards. Their designs are breathtaking. Each suit features a different theme in Black culture. Hearts are 1990’s culture, Spades African royalty, Diamonds 1970’s culture and Clubs reflect the Harlem Renaissance. You’ve never seen a deck of cards like this. In addition, the cards are seriously high quality. The Black Pack playing cards were carefully crafted to meet or surpass the most respected brands in the gaming industry.

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