Tuesday’s Hot Products — Nail Polish To Massaging Oil

What look is complete without the right nail polish, ladies? I’ll wait. The right nail polish color is essential but no color is worth cancer or fertility issues. Many of the nail polish products out there are loaded with toxic chemicals — no good. Kaeess is a line of cruelty free, bold color creations. They make nail polish for all shades of people and genders. Kaeess offers vibrant, bold colors that will set your look apart. From “Hot Girl Summer” to “Highlighter Lemonade,” Kaeess has just the color for you. Shop Kaeess today!

Xotics by Curtis Smith produces hair and body products with natural ingredients. Xotics Verbena Body Oil leaves your body silky smooth and delivers a captivating aroma. Experience a unique blend of essential oils that nourishes, protects, hydrates and repairs your skin. Xotics creates Beard Balm, Blue Aloe Shave Gel, Razor Bump/Skin Irritation Spray and a host of other products, as well. Each product Xotics sells is mixed the old-fashioned way to ensure quality and freshness. 

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