We Buy Black, Not Democrat Or Republican

Is the councilperson who represents the Chinatown district in your city Chinese? What political party does that person belong to? Do the business owners care, either way? The reality is the councilperson could be green or purple, Democrat or Republican, so long as Chinese interests are advanced; Black people can learn something from them. We Buy Black is a platform dedicated to advancing Black businesses and Black wealth. That mission requires an allegiance to Black self determination and nothing else.

The only question that matters is what is being done to advance the self determination of Black people. If Black people own it and want to advance other Black people, Black people win. If Black people are harmed by anything — Black owned or not — Black people lose. If an action is taken that advances Black people or Black institutions, Black people win. This is the only purity test that matters. If a Black conservative start a business and wants to create more opportunities for Black people, Black people win. If a Black liberal wants to do the same, Black people win. The end.

This movement is not a partisan movement. This movement must embrace Black people of every stripe — Southern and Northern, light skin and dark, Baptist and Methodist, Muslim and Jewish, Democrat and Republican. It is a movement that does not extend “street cred” only to those with whom you share a political ideology. It is a movement that should have cheered when the Republicans recently advanced a measure to permanently fund HBCUs and questioned why Democrats never prioritized the move. It is a movement that should question conservatives on mass incarceration and also the liberals who’ve historically been in lockstep with them.

Black people must pause and think critically about the individuals and organizations they extend favor to. Is your favorite rapper “down” or “woke?” Sure, they talk about the streets but also disrespect Black women and behind the scenes, neither their agent, accountant or realtor is Black. They might be the “Uncle Tom” you imagine Black conservatives to be. Is your favorite politician a champion for Black people? What specific legislation have they passed to further the self determination of Black people?

Black liberals must abandon allegiance to the political left and see the world as a battle between Black and all else. Black conservatives must abandon blind allegiance to the political right and see the world as a competition between Black and all else. Black is the color, not red or blue.

Are you following We Buy Black‚Äôs 2020 Blueprint for Black Power?? Click here for more.

  1. Robert Porter
    Robert Porter
    January 3, 2020 at 8:12 pm

    We can’t always agree like on the political positions but totally with you on the economic advance.

  2. Yolanda
    January 6, 2020 at 10:23 am

    In the current political commit, I must disagree. A Black Entrepreneur who supports the current administration is contradictory to what is good for all black people. Under any other administration I would agree with you, but not this one.

  3. Yolanda
    January 6, 2020 at 10:25 am


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