Wednesday’s Hot Products — From Shoes To Hair Restoration To Luxury Watches

Demaggio is a luxury brand without the luxury pricetag. Founder Dom Walker launched the brand because he was obsessed with fashion and also, he noticed that too many brands were simply overpriced. Demaggio believes that everyone deserves to dress nicely and wear great designer fashions. The brand combines style and affordability, ensuring that everyone can look and feel great. Demaggio makes beautifully designed shoes, clothing and watches, for those with more selective tastes.

Since 1998 NouriTress has been helping women regrow, nourish and maintain healthy hair. NouriTress Hair Products are the #1 Multicultural Hair Restoration Treatment products that assist with healthy hair maintenance, hair shedding, breakage, thinning and hair loss. These vitamin based, clinically researched and Doctor recommended products are formulated to help clients regrow, repair and restore their hair to a healthy condition. Shop NouriTress today!

It matters not what you wear, a good watch will upgrade it a level or four — trust me on this. Vieryle watches scream luxury, sophistication and Black excellence. A cell phone can tell you what time it is but Vieryle watches will let everyone else around you know what time it is — there is a difference. These watches are crafted to turn heads when you arrive, linger and leave the cookout. You won’t find another watch like this anywhere. Vieryle is Black owned, luxury design at a price that is still in reach for everyday folks. Get yours today, shop Vieryle!

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