What Is The We Buy Black Agenda?

Remove, Replace, and Rebuild. We are not simply a website or social media platform. We have an agenda and we’re quite open about it. This weekend will mark 400 years since the first Africans arrived in America — what we do tomorrow will determine what the next 400 years will look like. To move, however, we must have an agenda and it is to “Remove, Replace, and Rebuild.”

We must remove ourselves from depending on other communities for our survival and basic needs. We have the power to feed, clothe and protect ourselves, as a community. Any mindset that tells us that this isn’t true must be removed. Any thought that counters that must be removed. We will never achieve true liberation if we are dependent on others.

We must replace items with products we produce, control and own. We must be intentional about our purchasing habits. We must replace both the big and the mundane purchases. If we do not produce and own it, we should look to replace it with a Black owned alternative. Period.

We must rebuild our communities to a level worth respecting and protecting. As we shift our mindset and our purchase habits, we will also be in position to rebuild our communities. Our communities must not only be the places where we live but also, centers of commerce, love and protection for our families.

A people seeking to progress must have an agenda; ours is simple. Remove, Replace, and Rebuild. This is our mandate and our immediate call to action. At the We Buy Black Convention we are putting this agenda into action and mapping out how this will carry us forward, the next 400 years. If you haven’t secured tickets yet, click here and get ready to move with us!

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