Your Network Isn’t Good Enough For The Business You’re Building

Who do you hang around? Who can you call right now to help you scale from dream to reality? Do you have five people in your phone, currently, that could actually help your business grow instantly? Your network is your net worth and sometimes you need to make a move to add new people to it. You need to be at the We Buy Black Convention to connect with other likeminded people who are committed to building.

Yes, this year’s We Buy Black Convention will feature several workshops and sessions that will help your business take a giant leap forward. But that’s certainly not the only value. The Convention offers you the unique opportunity to connect with business owners and potential customers from across the country, who all want the same thing you do — thriving Black owned companies. This year you could meet your number one buyer at the Convention. You could meet that business partner you’ve always needed. Perhaps there is someone there who can help you develop your idea just a little bit further. You just don’t know who you’ll meet at the Convention and you shouldn’t risk not meeting them!

There will be hundreds of Black business owners attending the Convention this year. Some will be there vending, others will be there to get more training and education, while others will be there simply trying to connect with other visionaries; perhaps they are looking for you. Do you have the network you need to achieve your goals? How long will it take you to build it, if you don’t put yourself in settings where other builders are? The We Buy Black Convention is taking place August 23-25, you need to be there. Click here to secure your place now!

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