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  • Melanoid Breastmilk (Paperback Book) by Ariane La'Nea Randolph - signed copy

    Who we are

    Melanoid Breastmilk is a Family Nurturing, Maternity & Breastfeeding Family Peer Counseling & Consulting Company. We educate Melanoid Families on the exceptionalism of our-story from a Sankofa perspective, teaching them how to use the spirit and force of their ancestors to keep them pushing through challenges, from pre-conception to postpartum, while celebrating successes, and breastfeeding for as long as they can, as they travel along their Melanoid Breastmilk Journey. We advocate for Black parents to conceive consciously, birth naturally, birth decolonized, and practice natural family planning, by any means necessary; to empower, and strengthen the bonds of the Melanoid Family.


    Our Vision is to Build Community Pyramids by Connecting the Black Dots of the Power of Melanin with the Nurtured Growth and Development of Our Families. 


    Our mission is to inform, educate, support and nurture families on their Life’s Journey. We empower and liberate families from pre-conception to postpartum. We educate Melanoid Families on the exceptionalism of our-story from a Sankofa perspective, teaching them how to use the spirit and force of our ancestors to keep them pushing through challenges, and celebrating success, by any means necessary. We believe in the Family unit, lead by the Black Man, as the bedrock that shapes local neighborhoods into communities and mold communities into global nations.

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  • African Holistic Health

    African holistic health addresses health issues from a comprehensive african -centered provides a complete guide to herbal remedies along with homeopathic disease treatments.what makes afrikan holistic health truly unique is the research dr. afrika has provided on the physiological and psychological differences between people of african descent verses people of european descent.
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  • Maximizing Your Tax Refund

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  • I Can Show You Better Than I Can Tell You

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  • 50 Ways To Brand Your Biz On A Budget

    With today's economy, even small business owners are looking to cut corners, but at the same time, trying to maintain their business and keep sales coming in. This ebook offers 50 different way to brand your business for more exposure, which leads to more potential sales! You have to put in the work in order to be a success! Let this informative ebook help you!

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  • Beauty Salon/Hair Stylist Branding (ebook)

    WHAT IS YOUR SALON BRAND SAYING ABOUT YOU? It speaks volumes without saying a word.

    Beauty Branding is all about first impressions and in the business of beauty the bar is set high. Salons need a distinctive style to stand out and attract fashion-savvy clients in an over-saturated market. This book will help you establish your salon brand, or rebrand your existing one!

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  • Biz Coach Bundle Docs

    When it comes to business, there is no point reinventing the wheel.

    Getting started as a biz coach can feel like an intimidating step into the unknown—but let me help to make your journey that little bit easier—and give you time to focus on your real work.

    This bundle includes 5 forms that can be fully edited and customized to fit your business using MS Word and Excel:

    Client Info Sheet
    Client Coaching Questionnaire
    First Coaching Session Outline
    Client Summary/Progress Sheet
    Session Debrief

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  • Business Plan

    Yes. It's $20.
    Yes, you read it right.
    Yes, most companies charge an arm, a leg, and maybe even a foot for a business plan.
    Sometimes into the great hundreds of dollars.
    However, our mission is to provide start up companies and new entrepreneurs with the resources they need in an affordable way.
    The plan is the foundation. Without it, the house will not stand strong!
    Full Plan, NO TEMPLATE!

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  • Fitness eBook "Living Young @ 50"

    Updated recently to include specific information on exercise machines and exercise supplements.

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  • Individualized fitness assessment

    I send you a completed form detailed with your fitness stats before you embark on your fitness journey. A person should know their physical stats so that they can chart progress or lack of while exercising. Body fat % should be around 15-20% in a normal healthy person. Women can be allowed a few percentages higher due to how their bodies tend to hold fat easier than men.

    Target heart rate is important for those wanting to lose 20-100 pounds. If a person not within their target heart range they will not lose weight.

    A persons ideal body is dependent on their height, gender and skeletal structure.

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  • The Art of Emceeing

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  • Die BV a Self Help eBook

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  • Little Book of Success

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  • Creative Writing: Four genres in brief

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