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Buckwheat Pillow

Buckwheat Pillow

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For side-sleepers, it’s important that your pillow provides the support required to maintain a neutral sleeping position. You don’t want your head and neck bending upward or downward at an unnatural angle—this can be uncomfortable and cause painful muscle strains. Fortunately most buckwheat pillows allow you to adjust the thickness, or loft, by adding or removing fill through a zippered opening. 
The pillow’s buckwheat hull fill will perfectly conform to the shape of your head and neck, effectively eliminating any pain-causing pressure points. The hulls’ irregular shape allows them to cling to each other, which helps the pillow hold its shape. It’s sort of like a bean bag that doesn’t collapse on itself.
A buckwheat hull pillow’s fill allows air to flow freely, keeping it cool all night long. Down, foam and other pillow types retain body heat and can become hot and uncomfortable. A buckwheat pillow does not retain heat; the hulls allow air to circulate, which means no more flipping to the cool side in the middle of the night.
Buckwheat crops benefit little from chemical fertilizers, thus it is free of many of the contaminants that are present in other crop types.
It’s a great all-natural alternative to potentially toxic materials used in other pillow types.
In addition, buckwheat hulls are 100% compostable so when your pillow finally wears out, it won’t be a burden on our environment.

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