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BURDOCK TEABAGS $5 incl shipping! Dr Sebi: ORGANIC & Pesticide Free! NonGMO, Non Monsanto, Gluten Free, Halal, Kosher. Vegan, and FairER Trade! SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal!

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You NEED TO #1 stop using alcohol based hand sanitizer and #2 get some Burdock Root tea to detox your liver and blood.

'The excessive use of alcohol during pregnancy is well documented to cause fetal alcohol syndrome, and more recent studies are showing that lower levels of alcohol during pregnancy may also result in adverse effects on the developing neurologic system of the fetus.'

This pretty much goes for everyone. 

I have been warning people about the CDC recommending hand sanitizer with a 60% alcohol base. That is just TOOOOOOO MUCH ALCOHOL going into anyone's system, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN... as it has 'adverse effects' on their brains too. 

The CDC doesn't tell you that part either.

What's the difference between DRINKING 60% proof alcohol 10x or more a day (in small amounts) or rubbing it on your hands?


I am posting this Burdock Root Tea on to help folks DETOX and get that stuff out of their systems. I also have organic hand sanitizer that you can switch to as well.


Sometimes people think they don't have options; 

yes you do. 

Don't just blindly follow the crowd because the people 

in the front could be falling off of a cliff.



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Hello and GREETINGS from SenegalStyle!  

I'm American from Pensacola, FL originally but I have lived in Dakar, Senegal since 1999!  I reared 3 American children here (who speak 3 languages!) and all are adults and on their own, doing their thing so I have FREE TIME to SHARE some of the COOLEST ITEMS that I have come across here in this lovely city.  

My latest find is this Burdock tea and of special note, it's also on the Dr Sebi list!   

Since I already have a line of AfricanHerbal teas it's easy to incorporate into my shop and I will be adding it to our wholesale distributor and family packages as soon as I can be sure I can get a steady supply of the raw tea.  

Here is a link to our other (hand made) local items
 on WeBuyBlack.com!


As you may or may not know... using 60% alcohol hand sanitizer day in and day out is problematic.  No one really talks about the long term impact on women in their child bearing years, children, and the elderly but just think about it, what's the difference between DRINKING 60 proof alcohol 10x or more a day and rubbing it on your hands?  


I don't know, I'm not a Dr or a researcher but God has gifted me with a heap o'common sense and this massive increase in alcohol pouring literally, into our bodies on a daily basis can't possibly be healthy.

Personally, I make my own hand sanitizer for myself and my family (and listed here on Etsy!) out of 100% pure African Black Soap... it's been used for CENTURIES here in Africa for hair and skin and as it's all natural, (with no alcohol!) it's perfectly safe.  

But for people not able to procure this specific type of African soap (fresh & easily) and for those who don't know about the antiseptic properties, it's not even on their radar.  For now, folks just have to do what they do 

BUT let me share something with you:

Burdock Tea (usually sold raw in chunks) has been used for millennia to cleanse the blood and liver.  We're not allowed to discuss 'healing' or medicinal properties on Etsy but that's what it's been traditionally used for in Africa, China and other Asian countries.  

Now you can get it here on WeBuyBlack in TEABAG FORM.  

You don't have to chop off roots or figure out how much to use, it's already premeasured and ready to boil in water!  The tea/bags are so potent you can REUSE THEM 2X (total of 3x) before discarding in your houseplants for an added iron boost!

Please google the 'health benefits of Burdock Tea' and look at videos and read the research.  I PROMISE YOU that even though 'the media' isn't reporting on the dangers of excessive alcohol absorption rates in women and children especially, YOUR COMMON SENSE should tell you, this is a problem.

It's a problem.... especially if you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant:

'The excessive use of alcohol during pregnancy is well documented to cause fetal alcohol syndrome, and more recent studies are showing that lower levels of alcohol during pregnancy may also result in adverse effects on the developing neurologic system of the fetus.'

What can help however is YOU being PROACTIVE in preventative care for your children & family and make a gallon of Burdock tea (2 teabags make one gallon) and drink it sweetened and add some lemon or lime perhaps.  

Drink hot or cold.   

I personally drink it sweetened and put Moringa powder in (EVERYTHING) for an added boost but my point is only to make it a habit for your family to drink at least 2 or 3x a week as iced tea if you can't get them to drink it hot in the mornings.  Change up just a little bit so the Burdock can work on getting the alcohol toxins out of the liver and blood NOW so 2 years from now, you won't be faced all the health effects of alcohol poisoning and wondering how you or your child got it.  

You got it because of excessive use of hand sanitizers but you don't have to.  There are healthier alternatives, you just have to be more creative in your thinking process however and find them.

The price again is 2 for $5.50 and if you'd like more, drop a note in the comments and I'll add it to this listing.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: I am the SHIPPER, the USPS is the DELIVERY AGENT - I/we don't work at the USPS and I have no influence whatsoever over their delivery schedule! As you know there has been problems at the USPS and it's been well publicized everywhere, even here in Senegal!

ATTENTION ZONE FIVE FOLKS: Asia, Australia, South Africa, Russia, you know who you are! Additional shipping fees will apply (but it won't me much so don't worry!) 

Please be patient and understand that they are in snail mail mode right now, it is what it is... Thanks in advance for your understanding and have a GREAT WEEK!


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