All of my products are handmade...

I take great pride in creating my products, and they are all made completely from scratch by combining raw ingredients such as moisturizing oils, rich butters, healing herbs, and pure essential oils in my own original recipes. I'm continuously researching the ingredients that I choose to use, to ensure that my combinations will compliment one another, thereby creating a product that gets the job done! and I know you can dig that ;)

Each batch is handmade and handpoured by me.  I label each product by hand, and each package is hand packed by me.  The small differences from batch to batch, bar to bar, tube to tube, and jar to jar celebrate the handmade charm of my craft =) 

I only make small batches at a time to ensure product freshness. 

Thank you for visiting my store, and I look forward to sending my wonderful products to your home from mine!  Peace... 

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