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Let’s Circulate our Dollars

Get rewarded for spending your dollars with Black Owned Businesses Today!

Keeping Track

Ever wondered how much your’e spending with Black owned businesses? Well, you can keep track.

Reward Your Self

Now here’s a gift that keeps giving. Earn Circulation Point and redeem them at checkout.

An Excellent Competition

Who’s going to be the Circulation Champ of the year? Compete with family and friends today.

Rewards For Spending

There’s a special feeling we all receive when we support Black owned businesses. According to studies, these businesses are the second largest employer in our community after the Government. You can now keep track of how much your’e circulating with Black owned businesses today.

  • Circulation Points are redeemable at checkout.
  • User your points for products in the We Buy Black Store
  • The more you circulate, the more you’re rewarded.
  • Keep track of how much you spent with Blck Owned Businesses
  • Compete with friends and Family.
Rewards For Spending


How Do I Earn Points?

Points will be added to your reward balance after you take certain activities. For example, every time you make a purchase you will earn points based on the price of products purchased.

Each $20.00 spent for your order will earn 1 Point.

How can I spend them?

You can spend points earned in the We Buy Black Store.